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alt. Classics Flavour Bundle

Experience the full flavour range from alt. with the alt. flavour bundles. alt. pods are for the popular New Zealand created alt. prefilled pod vape kit and come in a wide range of flavours. 

Choose from 4 Flavour Bundles - all available in 40mg (4%) nicotine salt strength. 

alt. Classics Flavour Bundle

The alt. Classics Flavor bundle consists of  4 packs (2 pods per pack) of classic alt. flavors - no iced, mint or tobacco, just classic alt flavours. 

In the bundle ( packs x 2 pods total): 

  • alt. Pineapple 4% 
  • alt. Watermelon 4%
  • alt. Vanilla 4% 
  • alt. Mango 4%

alt. Iced Series Flavour Bundle

The Iced Series flavour bundle features the full range of the popular iced fruit flavours from alt. This bundle consists of 7 packs (2 pods per pack). 

In the Bundle: (7 packs x 2 pods total): 

  • alt. Pineapple Ice 4%
  • alt. Watermelon Ice 4%
  • alt. Aloe Ice 4%
  • alt. Strawberry Ice 4%
  • alt. Peach Ice 4%
  • alt. Grape Mint 4%
  • alt. Mango Ice 4%

alt. Tobacco Series Flavour Bundle

The alt. tobacco series flavour bundle is made up of the full range of Tobacco flavoured alt. vape pods - 3 packs total (2 pods per pack). 

In the Bundle (3 packs x 2 pods total):

  • alt. Gold Tobacco 4%
  • alt. Smooth Tobacco 4%
  • alt. Silver Tobacco 4%

alt. Menthol Series Flavour Bundle

The alt. Menthol Series flavour bundle is one of the most extensive flavour ranges of Mint and Menthol prefilled pod vapes available in Australasia. 

In the Bundle (9 packs x 2 pods total):

  • alt. Peppermint 4%
  • alt. Fresh Mint 4%
  • alt. Sweet Mint 4%
  • alt. Mild Menthol 4%
  • alt. Spearmint 4%
  • alt. Arctic Menthol 4%
  • alt. Garden Mint 4%
  • alt. Menthol Ice 4%
  • alt. Aqua Mint 4%

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