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This website contains products only suitable for those 18 years or older. Products may contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance.


IQOS is a global brand that specialises in smoke-free products to be used as alternatives to combustible tobacco for adult smokers. IQOS comes in a range of heated tobacco and e-liquid vaping products spread across 4 "Platforms", designed to provide a satisfying taste experience without ash, smoke and cigarette smoke smell. 

Platform 1 - IQOS Electronic Heated Tobacco Product

Electronic Heated Tobacco Products consist of a power source "tobacco holder" (battery) with a heating blade which are used with reconstituted tobacco sticks called HEETS. When the heating blade is embedded into the tobacco stick, the heating blade heats up the stick to a maximum temperature of 350c, generating an aerosol vapour.

Platform 2 - IQOS Carbon Heated Tobacco Product

Platform 2 Carbon Heated Tobacco Products work in a similar way to platform 1, with the main exception being there is no electrical components to heat the reconstituted tobacco. The heating mechanism in Platform 2 is a carbon tip, which is "lit"the same way you light a cigarette but instead of burning the tobacco, it heats it. Platform 2 is not currently commercialised for sale.

Platform 3 - IQOS Nicotine based Electronic-free Product

Platform 3 consists of a consumable cartridge that contains a soluble encapsulated nicotine salt powder and a reusable device (with no electronic components) that activates it. Once the cartridge is inserted into the device, it generates an aerosol which can be inhaled the same way you would with a vape or cigarette. Platform 3 is still under development and trials so is not currently available for commercial sale. 

Platform 4 - IQOS VEEV One Pod Vape System

The IQOS VEEV is a traditional prefilled pod vape kit which features a ceramic.