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This website contains products only suitable for those 18 years or older. Products may contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance.

New Zealand Vape Shop

New Zealand Pod Vape Shop

We're the store you come to if you're looking for the best range of quality MTL Pod Vaping Systems, Disposable pod vapes and Nicotine Salt eLiquids.

Pod Vaping Kits are a good option for smokers looking to switch to vaping because because they're intuitive to use, provide a satisfying alternative to smoking tobacco and manufactured to world class quality standards.

Vaping has been around for a relatively long time now and is continuously improving as we keep learning of all the new technology that is being invented around the world. The most exciting thing about vaping is the endless options - from nicotine strength, to vaping devices and all the way through to an adjustable airflow control which means you can customize your pod vaping experience to get your preferred balance between flavor, nicotine satisfaction and draw tightness.

There are several types of Pod Vaping Kits available.

Disposable Vape Pens

Disposable vape pens are single use vape devices that are a good choice for you if you're looking for a cost effective backup option when you're out and about or an easy entry to vaping with all the convenience of a cigarette. Simply open the pack, vape then dispose. At Podlyfe we stock New Zealands best range of disposable vapes from reputable brands including VUSE, SOLO, ALLO, Elf Bar, Dinner Lady and VGOD.

What is a disposable vape?

Disposable Vape Pens are single use vaping devices that generally don’t require refilling or charging. These first came into the market around 2010- 2012 and were originally referred to as “Cigalikes”designed to look and feel as close to a cigarette as possible.

Disposable Vapes in 2022

Disposables are becoming increasingly popular amongst vapers especially as of recently.On the outskirts it may not make sense, but when you try using one, the reason disposables are growing in popularity is - convenience. Who doesn’t enjoy a hassle free and convenient vaping option if it’s available?!

Different formats of disposable vapes

Disposable vapes are now available in many unique formats. Some of these formats include a “Rechargeable Disposable” which means you can recharge it and keep using it until it runs out.

When could a disposable vape be the right option for you?

We recommend disposables as a short term option. For example, a disposable is a great way to trial out vaping in a cost effective way without having to commit to a long term device before seeing if it’s right for you.

Another good reason to purchase a disposable is if you’re out and about but already have a long term device, maybe you forgot it at home or the battery died. Then purchasing a disposable vaping device is a good short term solution.

Prefilled Pod Vapes

Prefilled pod vape kits have most of the convenience you get in a disposable vape but you can reuse & recharge the battery which means they last longer. At podlyfe we offer an extensive range of all New Zealands' leading prefilled pod vape brands including Alt, HAIZ, RELX, ALLO, Elfbar and VUSE.

Prefilled pod vapes vs disposable vapes

Prefilled pod vapes offer a very similar convenience and experience as a disposable vaping device, but a more long term option. They’re usually very minimalistic and discreet in terms of the design. Prefilled Pod Vapes are rechargeable and require the pods to be changed.

As the name suggests, pre-filled pods are already filled with E-Liquid; you just slot the cartridges into your device and remove them when they're finished. They cannot be refilled.Other than that, these devices are very simple and hassle free.

Benefits of a Prefilled Pod Vape

The main appeal of a Prefilled Pod System among consumers is the simple and straightforward vaping experience it provides them with. The Prefilled Pod Systems are also a relatively affordable option, depending on how much you use your device.

The second benefit is the reusable batteries, using a prefilled pod vape kit reduces battery waste otherwise caused by disposable vape pens.

Lastly, prefilled pods are usually available in a variety of different nicotine strengths, making it simple to manage and even reduce your nicotine intake gradually at your own pace.

When could a prefilled pod vape be right for you?

We’d usually recommend using a Prefilled Device to a customer who is currently smoking cigarettes and is wanting to make the switch to vaping. You may wonder why, the reason being the simplicity of it.

When you first begin vaping convenience is key, something simple to begin with makes transitioning from smoking to vaping relatively stress free. There is nothing worse than transitioning into vaping and purchasing an extremely complex device, this can totally throw new vapers off as they’re used to the simplicity of a cigarette, which only requires a lighter.

Once you’ve been using a Prefilled Pod System for a while and are feeling comfortable with vaping in general, then purchasing a more complex device tends to be a natural progression.

Refillable Pod Vapes

Refillable Pod Vape Kits work the same way as a prefilled pod kit, except you can refill the pod cartridges with nicotine salt eLiquids. Using a refillable pod vape means you can have access to a huge range of flavours and nicotine strength levels to choose from. At Podlyfe we stock New Zealands leading brands such as UWELL, Vaporesso, VOOPOO and more!

Why use a refillable pod vape device?

Now, this is where it gets very interesting and innovative. Refillable Pod Vapes are unique and offer the most control to customize your vaping experience based on your personal preference.

How do refillable pod vape devices work?

Refillable vape devices require manual refilling by the user. Whilst this may seem like a lot of effort, it’s fairly simple and straightforward.

Every refillable device is in one way or another different; The way you may refill one refillable vaping device, might be completely different to the way a different brand / device requires to be refilled.

Different types of refillable pod cartridges

The pods cartridges are unique to each vaping device and hold the eliquid you use to vape. Replacement pod cartridges require changing and replacing, in some cases the refillable vape you have may need coil replacements rather than pod replacements.

Pre Installed Coil pods

These types of pods have the coil integrated into the pod already, so all you need to do is replace the pods itself.

Replaceable Coil pods

If you purchase a device that has an empty cartridge with a hole at the bottom, these will require coils to be manually installed. Coils can have a longer lifespan than the pods with preinstalled coils.

Refillable Pod Vapes are the most cost effective option

One of the most appealing features of any refillable device is the price of ongoing maintenance, it works out to be a lot more cost effective in the long run, especially if you’re a heavy vaper. An example of this;

The majority of prefilled pod systems have 2ML of E-liquid filled inside of them. So if a pack of pods for example cost $19.99 and they have two pods inside the packet that equals to = 4ML costing around $5 per ml.

Now compared to an E-liquid, a 30ML bottle on average costs no more than $34.90, and there's a very large variety of options available, some as low as $24.90.

We will use the $34.90 as an example - that would equal out to $1.16 per ML, which can be a significant price savings of up to 80%

Refillable Pod Vapes can be customised; optimising your vaping experience..

Some refillable devices have the capability for customized airflow adjustments, this allows you to adjust the airflow to your personal preference.

Refillable Vapes generally have a larger battery capacity

The battery capacity of refillable devices is incredible, given the fact the devices are usually compact and minimal in design it will shock you with the impressive battery! LED indicator, which shows you the current charge left in your device by flashing green, blue or red. So you know exactly when it needs to be recharged.

Dual Activation System, some devices have the ability to be activated either via the button provided or by simply inhaling. These are just a few of the key features, the best part of it is, it’s continuously getting better and better.

When could a refillable pod vape be right for you?

Refillable Vaping Devices are ideal for someone wanting a durable, reliable and affordable long term vaping device that can be customised to suit your vaping experience. There are many options available, so rest assured you won’t be short of choices and our team here at podlyfe are always here to help you choose.


 Vaping products manufactured from tobacco and heated tobacco products can be legally sold in New Zealand. However, under the “SmokeFree Environment and   Regulated Products ( Vaping) Amendment Act 2020”  most advertising of these products is banned and it is illegal to sell them to young people under the age of 18. The Amendment Act aims to strike a balance between ensuring vaping products are available for smokers who want to switch to a less harmful alternative, and ensuring these products aren’t marketed or sold to young people. 

The difference between smoking and vaping is that smoking delivers nicotine by burning tobacco, which can cause smoking-related illnesses, and vaping can deliver nicotine by heating eliquid in a significantly less harmful way.

The New Zealand Ministry of Healths view is that vaping use exposes the user to fewer toxicants than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Vaping is not harmless, but it is significantly less harmful than cigarettes.

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The role of vaping is to act as a Tobacco Harm Reduction tool. UK Public Health concludes vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

The best thing to put into your body is fresh air; don’t start vaping if you don’t already smoke. Only use vaping as a safer alternative to smoking combustible cigarettes.

When it comes to purchasing vaping devices, the options are almost endless. If you’re after advice we recommend you come into one of our stores or reach out to our customer service team online. 

Here are some questions that would support you in choosing the right device for you;

Are you currently smoking?If you answered no, the best advice is no vape is the best vape for you. Vaping contains nicotine, which is highly addictive, if you’re not currently smoking there is no need to start vaping.

  How often are you smoking, and on average how many cigarettes per day? - This can help us recommend a suitable level of nicotine that will provide you with a suitable level of satisfaction to curb tobacco cravings. 

Do you have a budget in mind?Vaping devices are all different prices, some quite premium priced and others more budget friendly. However. as a general rule, most vaping products will be significantly less expensive than smoking tobacco.