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Australia Vape Prescription Policy

New Australian Nicotine Import Rules

From October 1st 2021, the requirement for having a valid medical prescription will be enforced when importing vaping products containing nicotine into Australia. To help make this process easier, we've created a prescription upload tool at checkout to ensure you can continue to source vaping products compliantly. 




Podlyfe Vape Prescription Upload Tool

No. Uploading your prescription is optional.

From October 1st 2021, orders to Australia containing nicotine vaping products require a valid prescription from an Australian medical professional.

The TGA recommends requesting your supplier to enclose a copy of your prescription within your order to ensure your shipment clears customs as quickly as possible.

From October 1st 2021 If you don't upload a copy of your prescription we'll take that as confirmation you would prefer to keep your information private.

In the event your package is held by Australian customs they will contact you to provide a valid prescription to have your order released.

If you're unable to provide a valid prescription you risk having your parcel seized or face penalties.

Your prescription will be saved in a secure server matched against your account. Each time you place an order we will enclose a copy of your uploaded prescription within your order to assist customs clearance.

If our shipping providers require an electronic copy of your prescription to assist customs pre-clearance we will provide an electronic copy to them on your behalf.

Your prescription will not be shared with any other parties.

No, you only need to upload your prescription once. You can see the current prescription we have for you on file during checkout.

If your prescription has changed or renewed, you can upload a new copy at the payment page. We will use the most latest prescription we have for you on file for subsequent orders.

Having a valid prescription is your responsibility, Podlyfe will not be reviewing prescriptions against orders or preforming checks to ensure validity.

You can find the prescription we have for you on file at the Payment Page of checkout. You can view past order prescription files in the My Account menu.

From October 1st 2021, all orders placed with a valid Australian medical nicotine prescription uploaded at checkout will come with a delivery guarantee.

If you place an order without uploading a valid nicotine prescription, Podlyfe will take no responsibility in guaranteeing delivery.

New Australian Nicotine Import Laws


Vaping products containing nicotine can still be imported for personal use under the personal import scheme both now and beyond October 1st 2021.

Australia intends to take a more uniformed approach in enforcing the existing requirement to have a prescription when importing Nicotine Vaping Products under the Personal Importation Scheme. For more information click here

The TGA has indicated any Australian doctor can write a prescription for Nicotine. For a no hassle prescription we recommend; for more information please read this guide to getting a nicotine vaping prescription by clicking here.

The Personal Importation Scheme is a pathway created by the TGA to ensure Australians can legally gain access to prescription products not not available within Australia. Click here for more information.