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Collection: Disposable Vapes Australia

Disposable pod vapes are a new category of vapes making a resurgence globally. With the innovation of Nicotine Salt eLiquid, Disposable vapes are a good option for a smoker looking to try vaping for the first time without the need to purchase a device or for a backup vape option when you're out on the town and not wanting to resort to a pack of cigarettes. All the disposable pod vape kits we have at Podlyfe are also available in either a prefilled vape (with replaceable batteries) or refillable 30ml nicotine salt eliquid bottles so you have the option of moving between device types when you find a flavour that works best for you. Choose from the best vape shop nz has to offer such as SOLO and SOLO+ recyclable pods , Dinner Lady disposableselfbarWalaBudVuse GoAlloAllo-X and Dragbar.
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