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Collection: Vapoureyes Salts NZ

Vapoureyes Salts

Vapoureyes Salts is a brand of nicotine salt e-juice developed by Vapoureyes, a project that began as a premier e-liquid boutique aiming to make vaping accessible to the Australasia region, but soon expanded into a brand of its own, developing exquisite flavours to a growing market that claimed for something new and different.

Born in the heart of Hawke’s Bay, on the eastern coast of New Zealand’s north island, Vapoureyes is a proudly New Zealander brand that focuses on delivering the most exclusive and high-quality products to Australasia and beyond. Everything is designed, produced, marketed, and assembled within New Zealand, guaranteeing unparalleled cost-efficiency and excellence. 

Equipped with custom-built ISO-7 certified clean rooms as well as high-quality H14 HEPA filters that guarantee a near-absolute exclusion of any intruding particles during the process, Vapoureyes products fulfil the strictest international standards to ensure a near-perfect vaping experience and a consistent flavour across production batches.

The Vapoureyes Salts collection counts with over eleven different e-juice flavours, each of them standing out from the crowd due to their originality and unparalleled unique combination of notes and tastes. The result is a list of products that vapers must try at least once, since they are unlike anything else available on the market. 

Every Vapoureyes Salts product comes in a 30 ml bottle and features an even VG-PG ratio of 50% - 50%. Likewise, to guarantee you find the perfect option for your vaping needs, they formulate their products with three different nicotine salt strengths: 20mg (2%), 35mg (3.5%), and 50mg (5%).

VE Premium Salts Flavour Menu


 A tastey muddle of fresh blueberries, menthol, and a handful of secret ingredients. One of Australias best selling vape eliquids.   


-273 degrees is about as cold as you can go! This is a strong menthol, wintergreen, and peppermint blend.

Mo's Vanilla Custard

A delicious custard flavour with hints banana, cinnamon and cream.

Morris The Grape

A purple grape flavor with just the right amount of sweetness.

The Pug Life

Sweet Watermelon and Grape with just a hint of cool menthol on the exhale.

Alpha + Omega

The be all end all of master crafted flavours. This is a peanut butter and banana cream base with a slightly smoky pipe tobacco finish, with lingering pistachio and vanilla notes.

Momo's milk

A sweet candy strawberry flavour with a pleasantly creamy finish. 

Admiral V

A strawberry milkshake flavour that will not disappoint 


Rich raspberry with delicate wisps of pure vanilla and bourbon notes.


Your new All Day Vape! This flavour is a blend of berries and currants with a fresh peppermint finish!

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