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Reckless Salts

Reckless Salts are designed by a team based in Australia and New Zealand, and manufactured in collaboration with Nasty Eliquid. Available in 5 bold fruit flavors in 20mg and 35mg nicotine salts. If you're on the hunt for something new, Reckless is the way!   

Punky Purple – Grape, Berries, Currants

 Punky Purple is going to smack the punk right out of your tastebuds! This premium flavoured e-liquid comes on strong with bold grape prominently on display and subtle yet delicious berry and currant undertones that will leave you licking your lips and looking forward to your next hit.

 Panik Pink – Lychee, Watermelon

 Don’t panic! Unless you’ve run out of Panic Pink! Panic Pink combines the luscious flavour of lychee with your favourite summer fruit, watermelon. This perfectly balanced flavour profile is sure to find its way into your regular vape rotation.

 Yolo Yellow – Mango, Tropical

 You only live once, and life’s not worth living until you try the Yolo Yellow from Reckless. This sweet juice is going to blow the taste buds right out of your mouth! You’ll begin your journey to flavour town with some sweet honey mango, quickly backed up by tropical flavours that will leave you feeling like you just washed up on a deserted tropical beach.

 Reck It Red – Sugarbaby Watermelon, Muskmelon

 Are you ready to tear it up with Reck It Red? This epic watermelon flavoured e-liquid is influenced by those delicious ‘Sugar Baby’ watermelons that have taken the world by storm! Infused with some muskmelon, Reck It Red is a flavour explosion in your mouth that’s sweet and juicy from the inhale through to that final exhale.

 Outcast Orange – Orange & Tangerines

 There’s no room for outsiders here, but Outcast Orange has always had a problem playing well with others! This decadently sweet and citrus explosion is packed full of orange goodness, including Valencia Oranges, Blood Oranges and just the perfect splash of Tangerines!