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Most Innovative Pod Vapes of Q1 2021

Most Innovative Pod Vapes of Q1 2021

 Given their user-friendly designs and high-quality performance, pod vapes are quickly becoming the go-to device for those looking to give up smoking cigarettes. Consumers are also enticed by the incredible features that come with the models available on the market today, which have certainly come a long way from their early-generation predecessors.

 Despite the innovation that this industry has seen, there are still a few pod vapes that are just a cut above the rest. In addition to a phenomenal build, these are also designed with powerful and unique elements that deliver a solid vaping experience.

 For those in the market for a new device, then here are the top five most innovative pod vapes of Q1 2021.

 Vuse ePod ($24.99 NZD)

 Vuse ePod 2Regarded as one of the sleekest and most stylish vapes out there, the Vuse ePod features a timeless contoured design that reduces the risk of splashes. It also comes with a whole host of nifty features; for instance, its innovative batteries last longer and are charged quicker, as well. More importantly, its ceramic heating technology sets it apart from the rest of the competition as it gives users the perfect vaping experience by ensuring a smooth and consistent flow.

 What customers find the most appealing about the Vuse ePod, though, is the five metallic colors that it comes in. With bold shades that include rose gold and space gray, this is definitely the vape to have if you want to make a statement!

 RELX Infinity ($35.00 NZD)

RELX Infinity NZ

For those who prefer their vapes to be a combination of both technology and aesthetics, then the RELX Infinity is the ideal model. Engineered by more than a hundred research and development scientists, it features air boost and active-steam pro technologies, both of which guarantee a flow that’s as smooth as a breeze. Its ergonomic mouthpiece design, as well as its leak-resistant maze, also give users a safe and optimal vaping experience like no other.

In 2020, the RELX Infinity was given the Red Dot Award, a prestigious prize given to the four most well-designed products from around the world. This just goes to show how innovative and highly sought-after this particular model is.

 UWELL Caliburn G ($45.00 NZD)

 Caliburn G NZ

Thanks to its streamlined structure and golden ring design, the Caliburn G is undoubtedly one of the most elegant vapes out there. It also comes with a ribbed texture that makes it easy and comfortable to hold. Besides these, another unique feature is its cutting-edge pod-and-coil technology, which minimizes leakage, ensures a stable airflow, and creates unparalleled layers of flavor.

The design of the Caliburn G was recently restructured to allow for a bigger and more powerful battery, so users are guaranteed a longer-lasting and more savory experience. If you want a vape that’s unmatched by anything else in the market, then this is the one for you.

 Vaporesso XROS ($45.00 NZD)

 Vaporesso XROS NZ

A vape that delivers on both the aesthetics and experience, the Vaporesso XROS is built with a compact and transparent design that not only makes it lightweight but also lets the user easily check how much juice they have left, which saves them from problems with burnt coils. It also comes with an incredible feature that allows them to customize the airflow according to their preference, which is why this is largely considered to be the ideal model for those who value a comfortable and smooth experience with every inhalation.

Arguably one of the best things about the Vaporesso XROS, though, is its clamshell top filling – a nifty feature allowing for mess-free refills that can be accomplished with just one hand. In addition to this, the model is extremely powerful too, thanks to the 800mAh built-in battery cleverly concealed by its slim build. With this, you’ll be able to vape for hours on end.

 SOLO Recyclable Device ($14.99 NZD)

 SOLO recyclable Vape NZ

Touted as the freshest and friendliest vape device that the New Zealand market has ever seen, the SOLO Recyclable Device boasts of a 4% nicotine salt strength, making it a backup vape that you can depend on whenever you’re on the go. It also features a minimalist and fuss-free design that promises a streamlined yet still enjoyable vaping experience.

The SOLO Recyclable Device comes with six mouth-watering flavors that buyers can choose from – Aqua Mint, Mango Ice, Watermelon Ice, Menthol Ice, Peach Ice, and Gold Tobacco. It definitely won’t be easy to forget about this model, given these delicious and unforgettable notes!

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There are a ton of pod vapes available on the market, but none come close to matching the features that these models have. If you’re looking for an experience that you won’t be able to stop talking about, then any one of these top five most innovative pod vapes of 2021 will be perfect for you.


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