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Best NZ disposable vape pens of 2022

Best NZ disposable vape pens of 2022


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In New Zealand, disposable vape pens are growing in popularity with unique brands launching every day! Choosing a good disposable is no longer a simple task; here is our picks for the best disposable vape pens available in New Zealand for 2022. The best of the best is in this article, keep reading to find out what the right disposable is for you!

1. Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max

Built and designed by the unbeatable creators of Dinner Lady vape pen and their fantastic variety of premium Nicotine Salt E-liquids, this one is a winner no doubt. Offering 1500 puffs in a minimal and classy designed device. This device has two strength options, 30mg and 50mg. Majority of competitors only offer 50mg as an option. They have 9 unique but equally flavorful options for you to choose from. Our personal favorite is Fruit Mix. Let us know yours! 

2. Allo Ultra 1600

The Allo 1600 is a Canadian brand that has only recently hit the market. Following their exceptional ALLO sync device this little yet mighty guy is a no brainer, by far one of the best disposable devices to date. Providing a sleek and minimal design, with an incredible 6.8mls of E-liquid. This is a fantastic option for those wanting a longer lasting disposable device. This device is available in 50mg, great for those needing a higher nicotine content. They offer 12 spectacular flavors and let’s just say there is most certainly an option for everyone. Staff are currently loving the Pink Lemon flavor, let us know your favorite one not if but WHEN you try it!

3. Dinner lady Vape Pen

This sophisticated and minimal device is small but certainly mighty. Fantastic option for a one-off device and the perfect opportunity to test their flavors which also comes in an E-liquid form! With a small yet handy 1.5ML e-liquid content this is great for beginners or someone who is wanting to trial it before moving onto their Vape Pen max which offers a bigger liquid capacity of 6.5ml. They have the option of two strengths, 30MG, 50MG. Making this an ideal disposable option if the usual nicotine of 50MG is too high for you. Our favorite is Pink Berry.

4. Air scream AirsPops Disposable Device

Airscream is a UK Vape brand. Even though they are relatively new to New Zealand market, they sure do know how to make an incredibly unique disposable. They have the choice of 36mg and 50mg, which makes them stand out from other brands as majority only have the option of 50MG. Minimalistic and sleek design, conveniently sized making it easy to carry around. Their flavor options are limitless, there’s flavors like Virginia tobacco ranging all the way to their mouthwatering Lychee Raspberry. There’s a flavor for everyone! They are available in 800 puffs, or if you’re after something that lasts longer you have the choice of their 1500 puffs device.

5. V1500 Premium Disposable by Dinner Lady Salts

The V1500 premium disposables are the latest creation from the well-recognised Dinner Lady. Made in the UK. If you have tried their E-Liquids, you already know how incredible Dinner Lady’s flavours are.

Available in 18 premium and outstanding flavours. The Dinner Lady V1500 sets a new standard in disposable vaping technology; an adjustable airflow to suit your preferences and an ergonomic mouthpiece. The V1500’s offer up to 1500 puffs, 800MaH battery so you can rest assured you will not be caught short.

One of the most unique factors about the V1500’s is the wide range of flavours they are available in. Disposables are often only available in 5%=50MG however, the V1500 offers both 20MG and 50MG, making it suitable for vapers who use lower nicotine strengths and higher nicotine strengths.

Whether you enjoy fruit flavours, menthol, or tobacco; there is a flavour for everyone. If you are not convinced already, the price of the V1500’s will add another reason to why this device is the right choice. Premium quality for just $14.99NZD, how good is that?

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