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Purple Rain by Dinner Lady Salts

We are not sure whether the evocative name of this blend was inspired by Prince and the Revolution’s emblematic song or the equally satisfying cocktail blend. However, we can safely assure you that regardless of its origins, this nicotine salt e-juice never meant to cause you any sorrow, and it never will. 

Why? Because Vape Dinner Lady Salt only wants to see you laughing with Purple Rain—an extraordinary combination of raspberry, blueberry and lemon that is bound to become the darling of vapers with a preference for tart tinges.

The opening note of this exquisite blend is raspberry. Ripe, juicy, and sweet, the delectable taste of this forest favourite coats your senses right away, adding a slight tart tinge that prepares your palate for what’s to come soon after—the blueberry. Slightly sourer than raspberries, the blueberries add an extra zest to the blend, as well as barely noticeable floral notes that enhance the aromatic profile of this delicious e-juice.

During the exhale, however, Purple Rainturns to the refreshing and sour side thanks to the arrival of lemons—tangy and delightful, with a sweet undertone that creates a multisensorial experience for your palate and tastebuds. 

Purple Rainis a tribute to the vast range of flavours fruits can achieve. It is sweet, sour, tart, zesty, refreshing, and juicy. It’s an experience you have to enjoy for yourself and might become the All Day Vape you’ve been waiting for.

Size: 30ml.

VG/PG Ratio: 50/

Nicotine Strengths: 30mg and 50mg.