Myle Slim Disposable Pod

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Enjoy delicious bursts of flavor in every puff with your Myle Slim Disposable Kit. So slim and sleek, these disposable pods are ready to use and stress-free from the get-go. Features a sealed, single-piece unit with a built-in pre-filled 1.0mL pod tank. Made with 5% (50mg) salt nicotine, it instantly satisfies all of those cravings in just a few puffs.

With up to 245 puffs from a single unit, you’ll be holding on to one of these for a while.

Try from our range of Salt Nic flavors that you just can’t resist:

● Menthol: Refreshing, icy cold sensations that you know and love.
● Mango: The sweet, juicy mango flavor is sure to transport you to a tropical island.
● Iced Mango: The fruity, deliciousness of mango with a minty, ice-cold hit.
● Iced Quadberry: Sweet, tangy berry notes with a dash of mint.
● Iced Watermelon: Juicy, icy, refreshing. Enjoy summer vibes all year round.
● Cubano: Smooth, smoky tobacco with a deliciously sweet vanilla hint.

Directions: Remove the rubber stopper from the mouth-piece and the sticker from the bottom of the device, and just inhale.


● 240mAh battery.
● Light-brown glowing LED
● 1.0mL pre-filled pod tank built-in
● Button-less activation
● 5% (50mg) salt nicotine options.
● One-piece construction. No assembly required
● Dimensions: 3.57" H x 0.74" W x 0.28" D.