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Myle VGOD Pods Lush Ice

Enjoy juicy watermelons with a cool twist with Myle Pods Lush Ice. Consisting of ripe and ready to eat watermelons, MYLÈ has added a cool menthol undertone to give us a flavor that is both refreshing and sweet. Replacement pods will contain .9ml of juice or equivalent to 240 puffs to help your taste buds stay cool on these hot summer days. 

During inhale of MYLÈ Lush Ice you will first notice a gentle yet sweet wave of watermelon rush through your tongue. It will be crisp and clean unlike candy but the actual fruit. On exhale a soft menthol note will emerge and perfectly balance this flavor out.

MYLÈ Pods Lush Ice are served in packs of 4

Strength: 50mg nicotine salts.