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Melon Twist by Dinner Lady Salts

As part of Vape Dinner Lady’s Fruit collection, Melon Twistis a nicotine salt e-juice that promises to deliver mouth-watering fruit flavours that remain authentic yet still follow Dinner Lady’s premise of evoking nostalgic memories with each puff.

For Melon Twist, the company chose to take your senses on a trip down memory lane, stopping right by the Glorious Summer station. Just one puff aims to remind you of your happiest summer alongside the quintessential flavours of said time of the year.

To achieve this ambitious goal, the flavour experts at the brand conceived Melon Twist as an authentic dream for enthusiasts of watermelon blends. From the first inhale onwards, your palate will delight itself with the most exquisite watermelon flavour you can conceive. It is refreshing, ripe, and juicy, boasting of the slight sourness and unparalleled sweetness that defines this staple summertime fruit.

But remember, this e-juice isn’t named just Melon—it is called Melon Twistfor a reason, and a surprise awaits you during the exhale. The eponymous twist comes along when your palate receives the tart and slightly sour flavour of kiwi, a touch that only elevates the watermelon profile by adding a contrasting note.

The resulting combination transforms Melon Twistinto a genuinely energising blend that features two flavour profiles that balance each other to perfection. It is refreshing, invigorating, and seemingly tailor-made to vape away during summertime. Give it a try and let it take your mind to the bliss of said season.

Size: 30ml.

VG/PG Ratio: 50/50.

Nicotine Strengths: 30mg and 50mg.