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Lemon Iced Tea by Dinner Lady Salts

Picture the following scenario: the oppressive heat of summer is everywhere. You cannot help but sweat, and your palate craves something cooling and refreshing to quench your thirst and satisfy your desire for instant chilling.

Naturally, in these circumstances, your beverage of choice would be a freshly-made glass of lemon iced tea—a delicious blend that carries the right flavour combination to delight your taste buds and motivate you to fight summer.

Vape Dinner Lady understands these cravings and subsequently offers you the possibility of satisfying that need for refreshments alongside a high-quality vape in a delicious combo that you will not be able to refuse. 

Enter Lemon Iced Tea, a nicotine salt e-juice conceived as part of Vape Dinner Lady’s classic beverage collection and designed from the get-go to be the ultimate refreshing vape for tea enthusiasts everywhere.

The top notes are easy to perceive as soon as you inhale—herbal tea, with its bittersweet and distinctive flavour profile. However, soon after, you will perceive a rush of lemonade, tart and sweet as it must be, only to wrap up the experience with a chillingly cold exhale that will awaken your senses.

Lemon Iced Tea is far more than just a nicotine salt e-juice—it’s an experience. It provides a smooth throat hit, exceptional flavour quality without becoming overwhelming, and a refreshing touch that might make you remember past summer days, filled with happy memories and delicious tastes you wish to experience again. 

Size: 30ml.

VG/PG Ratio: 50/50.

Nicotine Strengths: 30mg and 50mg.


PLEASE NOTE:High-strength nicotine salt e-liquids are not suitable for use with sub ohm devices. This eliquid is designed to be used in lower powered devices or pod systems.