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AIRSCREAM Airpops Prefilled Replacement Pods

Airscream replacement pods are similar to MYLE, but made for use with the AirsPops 7 and AirPops prefilled vape devices.  

AirsPop Replacement Pods

Each AirsPops replacement pod cartridges contains 1.6ml of eliquid per pod in 50mg and 36mg nicotine strength. 

Pods are available in single packs (2 pods per pack) or Cartons (10 packs of 2 pods). 

Born in the UK 

Compliant to both UK and New Zealand vaping standards, AIRSCREAM is available in over 50 countries and uses only the highest quality food grade materials in all AirsPops components to ensure the best possible vaping experience. 

Incredible Taste

Choose from a growing range of flavours to satify all flavour preferences. 

Airscream AirsPods Traditional Flavours (Mint & Tobacco)

  • Ocean 11 Tobacco - RIch cigar with notes of banana and whiskey. 

  • Ice Tobacco - Super smooth tobacco with an icy finish

  • Virginia Tobacco - A true virginia blend featuring a rich american tobacco taste. 

  • West Tobacco - Tobacco base with notes of vanilla and caramel 

  • South Pole - Strong mint and menthol, cooler than the south pole

  • Polar Mint - A spearmint and peppermint combination not to be missed.  


Airscream AirsPods Signature Flavours

  • Mangolicious - A classic tropical mango flavour
  • Dornish Red - Sweet and juicy pomelo.
  • Freezy Grape - A sweet grape flavour with an icy finish
  • Ice Watermelon - Sweet watermelon with an icy finish
  • Zesty Lemon - A strong lemon that packs a pleasant zesty punch
  • Grape Cognac - A rich grape flavour with a dash of brandy
  • Pink Crystal - A tastey mash of lingonberries
  • Café Latte - Coffee 
  • Honey Yuzu - A citrus like yuzu infused with floral honey
  • Peach Ice - Peach with a cooling finish
  • Bubble Gum - Classic Bubblegum
  • Strawberry Orange - Fresh strawberries smashed with a ripe orange