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AIRSCREAM AirsPops Disposable Device

Airscream AirsPops One Use Disposable Vape Devices

Airscream is a UK vape brand; compliant to UK and NZ vaping product standards. 

AirsPops ONE USE disposable e-cigarettes, provide a convenient way to enjoy the high quality "heart-crafted" flavours AIRSCREAM is known for.

Most the AirsPops disposable flavours are also available in AirsPops Prefilled Pod Cartridges; which are usued with a reusuable (rechargable) AIRSCREAM battery.  

AirsPops One Use Specifications:

• Battery Capacity: 550 mAh
• Strength: 50mg (5%) and 36mg (3.6%) Nic Salts
• eLiquid capacity per device: 3 ml

Flavour Menu

  • Freezy Grape - The lush and wholesome taste of syrupy grape infused with a chilly sensation.
  • Ice Watermelon - The thirst-quenching sweetness of melon further elevated with a frosty sensation to kick start the sunny summer days.
  • Zesty Lemon - Lemony zest matters! A simply irresistible, perfectly balanced lemon flavour with a zesty finish.
  • Apple Cola - A fun twist of fizzy cola with the crisp & refreshing touch of apple.
  • Fruit Fusion -  A unity of strawberry and blackcurrant infused with juicy kiwi to accentuate the fruity taste.
  • South Pole - Stay frosty below the deep Arctic south with this super-icy mint.
  • Virginia Tobacco - A true Virginian classic blend that delivers the rich taste of American tobacco.
  • Peach Ice - All the goodness of fruity red, white or yellow ripe peaches, offering a juicy and well-balanced flavour to satisfy connoisseurs of sweet palates.
  • Pink Cystal - Fruitylicious berry with a hint of sour and crisp aftertaste, with slight kick of mild icy sensation.
  • Polar Mint - This brilliant marriage of Spearmint & Peppermint doubles the sensation of fresh minty vibes to ease the summer heat.
  • Blueberry Sangria - New age flavours from Napa Winery infused with ripe Maine blueberries deliver pure refreshment to savour during a long summer’s day.
  • Lychee Rasberry - Irresistible blend of thirst-quenching lychee and fruity raspberry produces the most mouth-watering sweet and sour delight.
  • West Tobacco - Vanilla Tobacco with a hint of caramel 
  • Menthol - Get that blast of smooth icy menthol! Reenergises and refreshes instantly!
  • Bubble Gum - This strawberrily, orangy & bananalicious delight brings you back to the fun and playful times of merriment.
  • Neptune Tobacco -  A menthol & mint infusion delivers an astronomical blast of frosty sensation while leaving trails of tobacco aftertaste.