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VEX Prefilled Replacement Pods

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VEX replacement pods are for use with the VEX prefilled pod vape device.

Select your preferred VEX flavours here, or alternatively check out our VEX Flavour Sensations Bundle.

Latest Vape Brand!

With a collection of twelve (12) available flavours in both 35mg and 50mg nicotine strength, and 2ml per pod.  you'll definitely find something that works right for you!

Available VEX Vape Prefilled Pod Flavours

Traditional Flavoured VEX prefilled replacement pods come in your choice of 35mg and 50mg nicotine strength. Non-Traditional VEX flavours come in 35mg. 

Please note: VEX is transitioning from single pack to "2 Packs".

All cartons of VEX pods contain ten (10) single pods.  

 VEX VAPE Traditional Flavours - 50mg (5%)

  • Cool Mint
  • Fresh Mint
  • Crisp Menthol
  • Classic Tobacco

 VEX VAPE Non-Traditional Flavours - 35mg (3%)

  • Mango
  • Blackberry
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Cool Cola
  • Cool Cherry
  • Cool Watermelon
  • Cool Pineapple
  • Cool Peach



Puff Count
Puff Count

* Puff and volume specifications based on each consumable. E.g. if product contains 2x pods, specifications are per pod.