Mango Bomb by VGOD Saltnic

Nicotine Strength: 25mg

No one wishes to have an explosion nearby. Of course, that is unless we are talking about Mango Bomb.

This unparalleled nicotine salt e-juice promises to deliver the most authentic and rich mango blast you can conceive, alongside the high-quality nicotine salt you deserve.

Of course, mimicking the authentic taste of fresh and ripe mango is no easy task. Regardless, VGOD SaltNic’s Mango Bomb managed to succeed in capturing the unparalleled tropical charm of one of the world’s favourite fruits, all while providing a smooth throat hit and a non-overpowering flavour concentration.

Right from the first inhale up until the final exhale, each puff of Mango Bombconcentrates the complex flavour profile of mangoes in the shape of a combination of flavours and notes. Conveying the natural sweetness alongside the succulent juiciness of ripe mango, the notes of this e-juice are always in perfect balance. Attentive vapers might even perceive the slight floral undertones that are present in real tropical mangoes, which manages to elevate the vape to the next level.

This layered experience does not hide a secret surprise or a plot twist in the form of an unexpected flavour. It is exactly what the name indicates—a mango blend that is so authentic it will transport your senses right into a relaxing and breathtaking tropical paradise.

With Mango Bomb, your taste buds will be under attack, but it’s a blast you will be thankful for as you reach for another puff.

Size: 30ml.

VG/PG Ratio:45/55.

Nicotine Strengths: 25mg and 50mg.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend using this high-strength nicotine salt e-liquid with sub ohm devices. This liquid is designed to be used in lower powered devices or pod systems.
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine Salts. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. In Australia vaping products are strictly intended for adult users aged 18+ who smoke or vape.

Prescription required for orders to Australia containing nicotine vaping products.

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Target Delivery Time: 1-4 working days (allow up to 3 additional days for remote areas not covered by DHL network).

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