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New Australian Nicotine Import Rules. 

From 01 October 2021, the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association) require a valid and legible Australian doctor’s prescription for any low value personal shipments of vaping products containing nicotine. If you import vaping products containing nicotine without a valid prescription you face the risk of having your package seized and penalties. 


DHL will continue to accept shipments containing nicotine, with some conditions. 

DHL now require exporters of vaping products to obtain a copy of your prescription and provide it to them digitally along with the shipment Commercial Invoice and Air Waybill (AWB) prior to pickup to enable efficient clearance at the Australia border.

If exporters of vaping products fail to comply with DHL Express requirements, it will result in shipping accounts being suspended.

If you would prefer to deal directly with Australian authorities for any queries relating to your prescription we offer Courier Select AU (NZPOST / AUSPOST) as an alternative shipping method. For more information on this service please view our shipping policy

Our website is now set up to ensure orders are shipped and delivered to Australia quickly and easily. 

Valid nicotine prescriptions can now be uploaded at checkout. You only need to upload your prescription once (during the period of time it is valid for).You can view your prescription any time by visiting your Customer Account dashboard and at checkout when placing subsequent orders.

When we generate a shipping label for your order, a digital copy of the prescription we have for you on file will be uploaded to a secure DHL server, alongside your Air Waybill and Commercial Invoice. No hardcopies of prescriptions will be required to be physically printed and enclosed within your order, meaning DHL will use the digital copy of your prescription to perform a customs preclearance; with significantly less risk of delays resulting from your package being held up in Customs for a routine inspection.




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