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For years, we’ve known how harmful smoking can be. But quitting smoking is so much easier said than done. According to the CDC, it may take 10 tries before a smoker finally throws out their cigarettes for good. One way you can make it alot easier to kick your smoking habit is by making the switch to vaping. For a smoker, vaping is significantly less harmful compared to smoking tobacco. It also allows you to gradually decrease your nicotine use.

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Many people believe that vaping is a modern trend, but this actually isn’t true. Vaping has existed for thousands of years. It has a fascinating history with milestone moments at every corner of the globe. While it would be impossible to fit all of this into a single article, here are some of the most important moments of vaping history.
Although vaping in some form has existed for ages, a lot of people still have confusion on what exactly vaping is and how to vape. There’s no shame if you fall into that category. What’s important is that you do your research using credible sources that actually know what they’re talking about. Consider this a beginner’s guide to vaping! 
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It can feel almost impossible to keep up with ever-changing vape trends. Every year, new and exciting products are invented and different products skyrocket in popularity. 2021 is no exception. Here are five vaping trends that are especially hot in Australia right now!

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