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The Pudding by Milkman Salts

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Exquisitely crafted from the most exclusive ingredients, The Pudding is a nicotine salt e-juice blend that honours the eponymous dessert by transforming it into an unparalleled experience that every vaper with a sweet tooth should try.

Blended by the flavour experts at The Milkman Salts, The Pudding is a gourmand’s delight that enraptures the senses from the first inhale through the layered structure of flavours and complex composition.

It is also very, very tasty.

The top note of the blend—and the first one you will perceive—is that of warm and sweet vanilla. Welcoming and enrapturing, the delicious and fragrant spice of the vanilla coats your senses and prepares you for the creamy texture that follows soon after. It is reminiscent of pudding in its thickness and richness, soothing your palate and delighting you with its exceptional quality, making it seem as if you just took a bite out of a high-quality pudding in a luxurious café.

However, the bottom note at the exhale will surely surprise you. Lemon zest shows up late to the party, adding a touch of tartness and citric delight, awakening your tastebuds and balancing the warm sweetness of the vanilla pudding with a refreshing touch.

As unexpected as it might be, it’s a combination that works. The flavours balance each other perfectly and prevent The Pudding from becoming too sweet or too sour. The result is a complex and well-rounded vaping experience that might become your next favourite ADV.

Size: 30ml.

Nicotine Strengths: 40mg.

VG/PG Ratio: 60/40.


PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend using this high-strength nicotine salt e-liquid with sub ohm devices. This liquid is designed to be used in lower powered devices or pod systems.


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Puff Count

* Puff and volume specifications based on each consumable. E.g. if product contains 2x pods, specifications are per pod.

Shipping to Australia

The Personal Import Scheme for nicotine vaping products is scheduled to end on March 1 2024.

Orders entering Australia from March 1 2024 are at the receivers risk.

Any orders containing vaping related products intercepted by Australian Customs from this date will be seized.

For more information refer to the TGA Website.

How to lawfully vape in Australia

Tobacco and Mint flavoured vaping products are available in selected pharmacies within Australia and available to patients with a vaping prescription.

You can see a "TGA Approved" list of vaping products here.