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RELX Essential Device

343 reviews

Get all the essentials at a great price with the new RELX Essential designed exclusively for use with RELX Infinity Pods. 

As with the Infinity, the RELX Essential is a compact and lightweight pen-style device designed for both beginner and veteran vapers.

Essential Features Retained

Leak Resistant Maze

The Relx Infinity replacement pods come crafted with 11 structural layers to prevent internal leaks and condensation for a more secure vaping experience.

Ergonomic Mouthpiece Design

The RELX Infinity mouthpiece is designed to fit your lips. This helps eliminate air leakage and ensures a more comfortable feeling when inhaling.

Symmetrical Pods

The new infinity pods are symmetrical which means you can insert them into the RELX Infinity device any way round.

The RELX Essential Device is available in your choice of 4 Colours.


  • Black
  • Blue
  • White
  • Red
  • Neon Purple
  • Green
  • Steel Blue

RELX Infinity Vs RELX Essential Comparison

 RELX Infinity RELX Essential
Compatible Pod RELX Infinity Pod Pro RELX Infinity Pod Pro
Performance Super Smooth™ Super Smooth™ 
Leak Resistant Leak-Resistant Maze Leak-Resistant Maze
Charging USB Type C Fast Charge  USB Type C Fast Charge
Awards Red Dot 2020 /
Intelligent Function SmartPace Vibrate Alert /
Battery Capacity 380mAh 350mAh


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