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Mevol X Prefilled Pods

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This product contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance, for adult smokers and vapers aged 18+ only.
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Mevol Pods are for use with the Mevol X Prefilled pod device. 

Each pack contains 1 (one) 1.9mL prefilled pod cartridge. 

Mevol X Pod Flavour Menu 

Blushed Mango  Blushed Mango A sun blushed full flavour mango with a touch of freshness on the finish
Mevol Pods Garden Strawberry Garden Strawberry Summer strawberry: sweet, refreshing and simple. 
Happy Lemon Mevol X Vape pods Happy Lemon A good lemon flavoured vape is difficult to find, but this lemon flavour will make you happy! 
Mellow Grape Mevol X Pods Mellow Grape Sweet grape with a hint of freshness. 
Juicy Watermelon Mevol X Vape pods Juicy Watermelon Fresh watermelons perfectly red inside. 
Iced Mint Mevol X Pods Iced Mint A pleasantly balanced medium strength mint
Golden Tobacco Mevol X Pods Golden Tobacco Smooth flue cured tobacco, authentically flavoured
Iced Lime Cola Lime cola with a refreshing iced finish