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Picture this: a pod kit that pairs a sleek design with impressive output power, offering a vaping process so smooth you'll want to shout about it from the rooftops. Meet the Caliburn - the result of Uwell's ceaseless pursuit of vaping perfection.

The Caliburn is no ordinary vape. It's the iPhone of vapes, the Tesla of pod systems. With its compact body and top-notch design, the Caliburn makes vaping not just a process, but an experience.

What's in the Caliburn PodKit?

The Caliburn Pod Kit comes packed with everything you need for the ultimate vaping experience. Inside, you'll find:

  • The trusty Caliburn device, with its OLED screen showing battery life with style.
  • Two Caliburn coils - the UN2 Meshed-H 0.8Ω Coil pre-installed, and a spare ready to rock when you are.
  • A handy Type-C cable for lightning-fast charging that'll have you back to full battery life in no time.

Caliburn Specs

Here's where the Caliburn really shines. It boasts an impressive battery capacity of 690mAh. And for you vape novices out there, that means this little dynamo will keep you puffing all day long.

The Caliburn’s e-liquid capacity is also something to love. With a 2ml refillable pod at your disposal, your favourite e-liquid can flow free. Refilling is as easy as pie, and replacement pods are sold separately for when you're ready to change up your flavours.

Vape in Style With Caliburn Pods

What sets the Caliburn apart from its competitors is its incredible style and functionality. The original Caliburn set the standard high, but the Caliburn takes it a step further with its sleek design, epitomised by the device's subtle button and elegant, easy-to-read OLED screen.

With the Caliburn, the power is truly in your hands. The device's airflow adjustment functions mean you can customise your vape experience to your preferences.

Battery Life that Lasts

With the Caliburn, you never have to worry about running out of power mid-vape. The device displays battery life with LED lights, so you'll always know when it's time to recharge. And with the provided Type-C cable, charging is as convenient as it gets.

With the Caliburn, the power is truly in your hands. The device's airflow adjustment functions mean you can customise your vape experience to your preferences.

What are the different Caliburn products?

The Caliburn series from Uwell offers a wide variety of vaping devices, each with its unique features. Starting with the Caliburn, this device boasts a compact design and an impressive set of features, including Caliburn pods that are easy to refill and replace. 

The Caliburn X is another standout, known for its advanced Caliburn X vapes, which utilise Caliburn X coils for a smooth vaping process and come with refillable Caliburn X pods. Next in line is the Caliburn A3, a device popular for its Caliburn A3 vapes, which offer a powerful vaping experience and use replaceable Caliburn A3 pods. 

Caliburn A2s are also highly sought after for their streamlined design and high-performance Caliburn A2 vapes. Each of these devices represents a distinct evolution in the Caliburn series, catering to various vaping preferences and styles.

How to use the airflow adjustment functions in Caliburn?

The Caliburn coil features unique airflow adjustment functions. By switching the installation direction of the pod, users can choose their preferred drawing ways. This is part of the unique advantage of using the Uwell Caliburn.

How does the Caliburn compare to the original Caliburn?

The original Caliburn was a revolutionary device, but the Caliburn takes vaping to the next level. Besides the improved battery life, the Caliburn offers a more powerful output power, resulting in a better vaping process. The device displays battery life more accurately and the pod kit includes a refillable pod with more e-liquid capacity.

How do you refill Caliburn Pods?

Refilling the Caliburn pods is a breeze. Simply remove the drip tip, pour in your favourite e-liquid, and you're ready to go. The e-liquid capacity of the refillable pod makes the refilling process infrequent.

Are Caliburn A2 vapes compatible with Caliburn?

While both are part of the Caliburn series, Caliburn A2s vapes and Caliburn have unique elements. The Caliburn A2 vapes have different coil resistance, so their pods aren’t directly compatible with the Caliburn. Always check for compatibility before purchasing replacement pods or coils.

What is the battery capacity of Caliburn?

The Caliburn offers impressive battery capacity. Paired with its Type C port for quick charging, you can be sure your device is always ready when you are. The device displays battery life clearly, so you'll always know when it's time to recharge.

Where can I buy Caliburn?

You can purchase the Caliburn, along with all its accessories such as replacement coils, pods, and the Type C cable, directly from our online store at Podlyfe. We offer a wide range of products from the Caliburn series, including Caliburn X vapes, Caliburn A3 pods, Caliburn A2 vapes, and more. Don't forget to check our stock and share a review of your purchase!

What coil does the Caliburn use?

The Caliburn uses the Uwell Caliburn Coil, known for its impressive performance and flavour enhancement. The kit comes with the UN2 Meshed-H 0.8 Coil pre-installed and an extra for when you need it.