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Best Vaping Products

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Vaping is the most recent newcomer into the centuries-old tobacco industry. But despite being in its metaphorical diapers in comparison to other forms of tobacco consumption—such as cigars and cigarettes—it keeps evolving and improving itself at a fast pace. Innovations take place every day. 
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Australasia is slowly but surely becoming a pioneer within the vaping industry, primarily thanks to the exceptional quality of their blends and innovative technologies and techniques. Subsequently, it's not a surprise that the last few years have seen an increase in the number of nicotine salt e-liquid brands made in New Zealand. Locally produced and blended, these Australasian brands boast a wide variety of flavours and innovative mixes. Pinpointing the best locally-made nicotine salts amidst the widespread options available can be a taxing task. However, the following five are a perfect point to start your vaping journey across Australasia and a must-try for any vaping enthusiast.

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With the invention and increasing popularity of vaping worldwide, australians can now acquiring nicotine with a wide variety of flavour combinations suit for every taste and interest. But even amidst a world that offers hundreds of new options, many prefer to stick to the classics tobacco or menthol. Forget about desserts and drinks—the classics remain classics for a reason. As such, there are a wide variety of flavoured nicotine salts that go back to the industry's roots and provide a robust, authentic tobacco flavour that mimics the traditional cigar and cigarette experience. 

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To the inexperienced palate, it might seem as if mint & menthol are a rather dull flavour family of vaping e-juices. After all, it's easy to believe that all minty flavours are the same and, therefore, there is no room for creativity. 

However, this assumption is not accurate at all.

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They're sweet, sometimes tangy, very juicy, and undeniably delicious. Tropical fruits have the near-magical ability to be utterly delicious and tempting to the senses regardless of the form they take. 

The truth is that we cannot get enough of tropical fruits—whether it is raw, chopped, in juices, or desserts.

So… Why should vaping be any different?

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Although they are often considered a single family of flavours, the truth is that sweet and dessert nicotine salt eliquids have an extensive range of profiles that can be, more often than not, vastly different from one another. This intense variety can reach the point where two flavours with similar names can display wildly dissimilar notes.

Some dessert flavours are delicate and dainty, with light and bubbly notes in a manner that feels almost refreshing. On the other hand, others display overpowering sweetness and thick profiles that can overwhelm the senses fast, unless that is exactly what your sweet tooth craves.

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Whether they are sweet, sour, bitter, or a combination of them, beverages often feature complex flavours mixtures that end up creating tastes and sensations that the world has never seen before. 

As such, the world of beverage flavours carries the endless untapped potential for nicotine salt e-liquid brands seeking to expand their collection.

Explore the best beverage-flavoured nicotine salt e-liquids the Australian market has to offer and be ready to discover a new favourite among the following options—each of them as unique and innovative as they are delicious.

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Many smokers considering the transition from traditional cigars and cigarettes to vaping understand the benefits but remain wary of the complexities surrounding the vape industry. After all, smoking a cigarette is relatively easy, but vaping often involves maintenance, setups, and other technicalities.

Undoubtedly, this is the main obstacle keeping regular smokers from entering the world of vaping. 

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Whether you are religious or not, it is worth admitting that prefilled pod vapes are nothing short of a blessing bestowed upon the vaping population. They are simple yet effective and allow you to own a long-lasting device that requires no maintenance or setup.

Perfect for the casual vaper that just wants to enjoy the experience, prefilled pod vapes don't allow much customization but offer a wide variety of sizes, capacities, strengths, and flavour options. In short, prefilled pod vapes last longer than the disposable options, but without the complicated maintenance process that refillable pod vapes often require.

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Within a short timeframe, refillable pod devices have taken the world of vaping by storm and subsequently have changed the way we conceive vaping. They are a viable alternative for people to seek an easier vaping experience without sacrificing quality, flavour, or nicotine strength. 

They're easy to use, compact, and discreet. As such, refillable pod devices have become the new hot item in the vaping market worldwide—Australia included.

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